Don’t Make Prayer A Consistent Battle

Don’t make prayer a consistent battle, but rather constantly pray agaisnt life’s battles.

Love Is Like A Match To A Wick.

Like a Flame
Love is like a match to a wick. It takes that right combination to strike a flame. But once the flame is there, it can either give warmth, die out or burn your world to ashes. Even kill you. It’s how you sustain the flame, feed it, and moderate the amount of energy in balance. -Anthony Liccione

Breaking Up

Breaking Up

Life is very tough and fragile

forest-night-winter-frost-landscapeLife is very tough and fragile at the same time, it never backs down or surrenders, but will break open to reveal its beauty and ugliness. As a evening primrose that blooms in the flooding moonlight, just before being trampled upon underfoot by the four-legged frost of the night. -Anthony Liccione



People Settle For Nothing Quote

There are people that will settle for nothing, people that will fight for something, and those that are fooled striving to have everything.

Anthony Liccione

Teacher Meaning



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